R-Controlled Vowels

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by Simply B. Teaching

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Subjects: phonics,foundationalSkills,reading

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: R-Controlled vowels can be challenging for students! These explicit, phonics activities and lesson plans help students isolate and identify the r-controlled vowel in a specific word. With -ir, -er, and -ur all making the /ir/ sound, these R-Controlled vowel lesson plans and activities help teachers navigate student understanding the subtle ways to learn which vowel team to use. Featuring phonics games, word sound cards, decodable reading passages and over 100 unique activities this is the only thing you need to systematically teach r-controlled vowels. These activities are easy to navigate featuring a clickable menu broken down by each vowel. No more scrolling to find an activity, simply go to the lesson plans click the activity you’d like then print the page. Use these activities to teach r-controlled vowels in your classroom, resource room, or at home! There are SO many ways to use these R-Controlled Vowel lesson plans & activities! ☞ 1:1 Supports ☞ Special Education/Tiered Intervention Support ☞ Small Group ☞ Whole Group ☞ Home Schooling Features (for each r-controlled vowel): ✅ Editable week-long lesson plans ✅ 20 leveled activities ✅ Sound blending ✅ Word building ✅ Nonsense word fluency ✅ Word ladders ✅ Foldable books & decodable readers ✅ Color & printer friendly versions ….and more!