Hole Punching Activity for Apraxia of Speech

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by Bluebird Speech

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Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: "I am so excited to use this product with my severe phonological process students! Such a great way to get a high amount of repetitions." Get 130 articulation punch cards! Low prep and printer ink usage! Who: For Speech-Language Pathologists working with students with childhood apraxia of speech and/or severe phonological disorders. These students usually begin speech therapy with multiple repetitions of simple consonant – vowel sequences and then progress to the more difficult sound combinations. Note: these are syllable shapes based on sounds and approximations of sounds and not orthography, meaning they are not intended for reading practice. What: Using a hole punch, students track their own repetitions of orally spoken (not reading) CV, VC, CVCV, CVC, and CCVC syllable shapes depending on their level in the speech hierarchy: • word • phrase • sentence Each mini-book is arranged by voicing, manner, and/or place of articulation (e.g. bilabial stops).