Success with Phonics: Letters and Sounds Workbook 6

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Quail Publishers

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Grades: 1,2

Description: The Success With Phonics: Letters and Sounds workbooks help children to learn vowel sounds and their various spellings. Children also develop their reading skills, and improve their writing and vocabulary. Workbook 6 contains worksheets to help children learn the long vowel sounds, and the vowel clusters or teams that represent these sounds. There are two pages dedicated to teach each long vowel sound. These fully reproducible sheets contain engaging activities that promote the following: · Phonemic Awareness: Identifying long vowels in spoken words · Phonics: Letter sound correspondences . Handwriting: Writing the vowel teams that represent the long vowel sounds · Spelling: * Using picture clues to complete words with long vowel sounds * Identifying the correct spelling of words with long vowel sounds · Reading: Reading simple sentences with words that have long vowel sounds · Writing: Writing sentences with words that have long vowel sounds TERMS OF USE: The pages can be reproduced only for classroom use. You cannot use these pages for commercial purposes or the entire school.