Single Syllable "OH" Words

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by MaskiPOPS

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Subjects: speech,apraxia,articulation,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 0

Description: Ready for high frequency practice!! Drag or Touch 11 target words focused on the long vowel “o” in this deck organized by placement Examples include: bow, toe, show, go, row, oar, oak, no, etc... Targets are single syllable words in CV (consonant vowel) or VC combination. Player can choose play style of dragging the item or to touch a picture (for those who do not have the dexterity to move icons). This is a ready made, no prep digital deck designed for the skilled therapist to target multiple repetitions of a sound or syllable shape. This is a flow magic deck, so you will have to use the navigation buttons to maneuver throughout the deck. Instructions: Practice your target word or sound as you either touch or drag each icon. Use the navigation buttons to move throughout the deck. Includes: - Draggable tab sound cue card on every card. -11 target words with up to 40 trials each. Includes: bow, whoa, no, toe, go, oak, uh oh, row, oar, low, and show. These are digital cards to be used through Boom Learning via the computer or electronic tablet. This is a self-checking deck. If you have any questions please e-mail prior to purchase: Enjoy!