ABRSM Grade 1 - Tonic Triads - Correct Key

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by 3 Eighth Notes Music Studio

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Subjects: music,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra,musicPiano,musicGuitar,musicElementarySkills

Grades: 1

Description: 16 cards in randomised order; all cards used in every play. Select the correct key for each tonic triad which may be shown in either treble or bass clef, and may use either the key signature or accidentals. Answers will always scramble/randomise within the multi-choice box at the bottom of each card. Only ABRSM Grade 1 key signatures/tonic triads are used in this deck: C Major, D Major, F Major, or G Major. Since there are no "drag and drop" items in this deck, it is well-suited for play on any device: iPhone, iPad, desktop or laptop. All photos in this deck are real images from the creator's holiday in Greece. Characters of Poseidon are of course, not real. See acknowledgements for all descriptions.