Cause and Effect or Problem and Solution

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by Hands on Learning

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: Practice text structure with paired passages. Students need extra help differentiating between the problem and solution and cause and effect text structures. There are 5 paired passages (10 total passages) that students will read and determine the text structure. If they get it right, it will take them to a slide to match the problems and solutions or causes and effects from the passage. Often times students confuse these two text structures, so seeing them together with the same topic can help show them how they are different. Altogether this deck includes 10 passages and 10 drag and drop matching activities. Titles include Honeybees Save the Bees Tornadoes Predicting Tornadoes Sticky Cookies Baking Cookies Pesticides An Alternative to Pesticides Digital Flash Cards Study Tips