Recycling Sort with Real Images

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by Curriculum Collection

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Subjects: games,holiday,science,earthAndSpaceScience,firstDayOfSpring,earthDay

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Ready, set, recycle! Help your students classify objects according to whether they are recycled, placed in the garbage, or can be used in a compost bin. These 24 engaging Boom Cards will allow students to test their recycling knowledge with the use of REAL IMAGES! Items Students Will Sort Include: -apple core -Styrofoam egg carton -notebook paper -cardboard box -banana peel -toilet paper -milk jug -carrots -bottle caps -mouthwash bottle -earthworm -fast food cup and straw -magazine -batteries -shampoo bottle -tissue -newspaper -plastic straws -soda can -water bottle -light bulb -can -glass bottle -soap bottle