5th Grade Fractions Quiz Show

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by Hands on Learning

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: This fractions quiz show review game is engaging and perfect to practice 5th grade fraction skills. Students can practice multiple strategies in one game! (adding and subtracting fractions, fraction word problems, multiply fractions, divide fractions) Students can select the point value that they want on the gameboard screen. If they get the question correct it will lead to a "correct" card. They can choose from there to keep score or go back to the game board. Incorrect answers lead to a card that says "try again". Scoreboards are set up for open response, so you can choose to give and take away points as you would like. The scoreboard is set up for up to 4 teams. The gameboard includes x's that can be dragged to each point value to cross-out questions that were already chosen. This makes it easy to keep track of remaining questions. Questions range from 100-400 points. There are 16 questions total. What is included in each category? Adding and subtracting fractions- select the answer to addition or subtraction fraction problem with unlike denominators Fraction word problems- add, subtract, and divide fractions, then select the answer to the word problem Multiply fractions- Select the answer to a multiplication fraction problem Multiply fractions- Select the answer to a division fraction problem