Holiday ELA Bundle

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by Reading Specialty

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Subjects: holiday,ela,christmas

Grades: 4

Description: Capitalize on interest in the holiday season while working on important ELA skills. Christmas Capitalization--Students are given sentences without capitalization to correct. The sentences are related to Christmas and other end-of-year holidays and traditions. Sentences review most major capitalization rules and include the following topics: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, ice skating at Central Park, poinsettia, White House Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Radio City Music Hall. After each card, a slide will explain WHY the words are capitalized. Note: Students will need basic keyboarding skills to successfully complete the lesson. They must retype the sentences accurately to complete each card. Syllables with Holiday Word--` This set of cards contains 1,2,3 and one 4 syllable word. The set includes audio support for students needing a little extra. These holiday words are included: angel, carolers, decorations, bell, candle, icicle, artificial tree, elf, chimney, mistletoe, sled, fireplace, nutcracker, package, pinecone, cranberries, reindeer, ornament, stocking snowman, North Pole, and gingerbread man Holiday Words in ABC order--drag and drop the words in the correct place. Sample words: advent, angel, artificial tree, blizzard, caroling, comfier, candy cane, candle chestnuts, cards, chimney, cranberries, Christmas tree, December, decorations, dreidel, evergreen, frankincense, fireplace, fir, fruitcake, gift, gingerbread, garland, and many more