Next dollar up - counting to $10 BUNDLE

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by TamiaDesigns

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Subjects: nativeEnglish,counting,money,measurementAndData,countingAndCardinality,mathElementary,instructionalEnglish

Grades: 0

Description: This bundle includes 2 decks to practice paying "to the next dollar up". One is a listening comprehension activity as well as a math activity. Students will LISTEN to the price of the item on each card - they do NOT get to see the price! The other has the names of each item and the price written on the card as well as the audio. Students can listen to the audio in both decks more than once if they need to. Then they drag the correct "next dollar up" amount to the counter. Totals to pay range from $1 to $10. The default is set up to show the directions and then 10 random cards from the set of 20 in each deck. Both these activities work well for students who need to practice counting to the next dollar up. The listening comprehension version is also useful for students who are learning English to practice recognizing numbers. CCSSK.CC.B.4