About me: <p>Over the last 30+ years I've taught students from pre-K to adults in public and private schools and also at the college level. I've taught in the UK, Taiwan, &amp; the USA. I’ve earned certifications to teach English, English as an additional language, French, and as an instructional technology specialist.  For years, I shared my office (and some students) with my school's SLP and we collaborated on creating materials for our students. I’ve also had ELL students with significant special needs and worked closely with their special needs teachers to create materials for them.  I enjoy helping to create online activities for my EL students (and my colleagues' classes)  in other subjects like social studies and math as well as English language arts.</p> <p>Most of my decks are appropriate for students of any age, although they almost all do assume some reading ability. Most are suitable whichever variety of English you use. I have, however, rewritten some of my decks for non-American (mostly UK) students. The non-American versions are different in the use of certain vocabulary, grammar, or cultural references. If you buy a deck and find it is too "American" for your students, please let me know and I will work with you to create a more suitable version at no extra charge.</p>

Grades: 2,3,4,5,9