Regular and irregular past tense verbs BUNDLE

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by TamiaDesigns

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Grades: 2,3,4

Description: This bundle includes 10 decks that focus on the simple past tense in English. 1 & 2: The regular past tense verb deck comes in two versions - one with and one without audio support. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentence, and click to identify the sound the -ed spelling makes. 3 & 4: The irregular past tense verb deck also comes in two versions - one with and one without audio support. 5, 6, 7, & 8: There are 2 decks that have students use irregular past tense verbs to ask questions, and 2 versions of those same decks that have the students complete the answers instead. 9: A deck with sentences to complete about a picture. Most (but not all) the verbs are irregular. There are several sentences on each card to complete. 10: Regular past tense verbs Asking questions. Some students will add '-ed' even when it is not needed ("Did he looked?") This deck has student practice using the correct form of simple past tense verbs in a question.