Melodic Identification with Re, Do, La, Sol, & Mi

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by The Performing Arts Classroom

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Subjects: music,art

Grades: 3

Description: Help students identify patterns of solfege pitches and melodic contour! This digital resource assesses listening skills through multiple-choice identification exercises. Focusing on patterns that use combinations of Re, Do, La, Sol, and Mi, this particular level was designed primarily for use beginning with 3rd grade students. An answer key is included in the Teacher Guide. 8 exercises featuring patterns with 3 pitches each 8 exercises featuring patterns with 4-5 pitches each For each exercise, students listen to the provided melodic pattern recording and choose the correct notation out of three options by dragging the correct image into the blank space at the bottom of the slide. Filled-in note heads without stems are used to represent pitches, and the traditional 5-line musical staff is used at this level. While all examples are non-metered and do not include written key signatures, individual exercises are either notated with Sol and Mi in spaces or Sol and Mi on lines. In lieu of clefs, labels to the left of the staff – s, m, l, d, and r – help indicate the location of applicable pitches. All musical examples use a recorder sound in the key of C so as to fall within elementary students’ vocal range.