Earth Science

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by Montessori Global

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Subjects: science,earthAndSpaceScience,earthAndTheSolarSystem,plateTectonicsAndLargescaleSystems,theRoleOfWaterInTheEarthsSurfaceProperties,weatherAndClimate

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: The Comprehensive Earth Science Boom Card Bundle is a comprehensive and pedagogically rich resource designed to support students' understanding of essential Earth Science concepts. It aligns with multiple educational standards and provides clear instructional targets for a range of learners. It includes: The Water Cycle: Addressing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for 4th grade (4-ESS2-1 and 4-ESS3-1). Understanding the processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection in the water cycle. The Layers of the Atmosphere: Aligning with NGSS standards for 5th grade (5-ESS2-1). Exploring the Earth's atmospheric layers, from the troposphere to the exosphere. Parts of the Volcano: Supporting NGSS standards for 6th grade (6-ESS3-1). Examining the various components of volcanoes, including magma chamber, vent, and crater. Types of Water Forms: Relevant to NGSS standards for 3rd grade (3-ESS2-2). Differentiating between water forms such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Types of Land Forms: Supporting NGSS standards for 4th grade (4-ESS2-2). Identifying diverse land forms like mountains, valleys, plateaus, and canyons. Defining Water Forms and Land Forms: Focusing on vocabulary and comprehension of water and land forms. Montessori Land and Water Forms: Utilizing Montessori pedagogical methods to engage and educate students. Enhancing spatial awareness and cognitive development through hands-on learning. Montessori Land and Water Form Definitions: