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About me: <p>Welcome to Montessori Global!</p> <p><strong>About Me:</strong></p> <p>Hello, I'm Dianne Heart. With over 20 years of dedication as a qualified Montessori teacher, my journey in education has embraced children from pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. Since April 2019, I've been passionately crafting and integrating Boom Cards into my teaching methodology, both in physical classrooms and through online education. These digital tools have been pivotal in bridging the gap for my online students, who may not have access to traditional Montessori environments. My commitment extends beyond Montessori principles; where possible, I ensure that my materials are also aligned with Common Core State Standards. This dual focus ensures a comprehensive, adaptable, and engaging learning experience for all students. My students adore using Boom Cards, and I'm excited to share these effective, creative resources with you, tailoring education to meet diverse learning needs and standards.</p>

Grades: 13,1,3,2,4,5,6