Word Analysis for Digraphs

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by Multiply the Stars

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonologicalAwareness,specialed,readingSkills

Grades: 13,1

Description: Introducing the "Digital Resources for Word Analysis with Digraphs" bundle – a comprehensive and engaging collection of educational activities designed for teachers of special education, kindergarten, and first grade. This digital resource bundle provides a diverse range of interactive exercises to strengthen students' word analysis skills, focusing specifically on digraphs. This all-inclusive bundle features a variety of interactive activities to support students' language development. The word dictation exercises challenge students to listen to words and type them accurately, refining their spelling and phonics skills. Sound discrimination activities enhance students' auditory abilities as they identify and differentiate between words with digraphs. Building words exercises encourage students to construct words with digraphs using a drag and drop format, reinforcing phonics concepts. Lastly, word mapping activities promote vocabulary expansion and word analysis by organizing words based on their phonetic patterns. Tailored for both traditional classrooms and remote learning environments, these digital resources offer flexibility and convenience for teachers. The user-friendly interfaces, captivating visuals, and interactive elements ensure an immersive and enjoyable learning experience for young learners.