Thanksgiving Digital Card Games for Peer + Social Groups Bundle

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by Autism Grown Up

Price: 1000 points or $10 USD

Subjects: sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: A combination of social skills games about the fun parts of Thanksgiving! For lunch bunch and peer networks groups. This is an interactive card game for peer groups and classmates in distance, virtual, hybrid learning. It is appropriate for special education students in middle to high school, as well as adults who are in day programs or similar programs. WHAT'S INCLUDED? 3 Thanksgiving-inspired games: This or That, Would You Rather, and Favorite + Why 3 rounds for each game Question and conversation starter prompts Guiding questions for students who need a little support Directions for students as they begin the game Directions for you purchasing this product -> link to technical assistance for this product MORE BACKGROUND INFO: Lunch bunch and other peer group or network programs can be beneficial for learners on the autism spectrum, as well as other students who can benefit from social-emotional learning. This is a structured activity for members of a peer group to get to know each other, warm-up for the session, and have a little fun and conversation.