Valentine's Day Beginning Sounds and Letters Bundle

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by Elly Smith Hellier/Living and Loving Primary

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Subjects: reading,foundationalSkills,ela,phonics,valentinesDay,holiday

Grades: 13,1

Description: Beginning Sounds and Letters for Valentine's was created for primary students to practice ABC order, identifying beginning sounds and letters, & matching upper and lower-case letters. Each deck has recorded directions on card 1. Each deck is either a drag, drop, and disappear activity or a drag and drop activity. Decks: Beginning Sounds and Letters - Drag, Drop, Disappear - Your students will view a picture on a Valentine's Day card bag. Then, drag the envelope that has the letter for its beginning sound to the bag. It will disappear into the bag. ABC Order - Drag and Drop - There is a deck for upper-case letters and one for lower-case letters. The upper-case deck has a Valentine's Day cupcake theme, where students drag the cupcake with the missing letter to its space on a shelf with the other cupcakes. The lower-case deck has a gnome theme. The students will view a group of gnomes. Each gnome has a letter. The students will identify the missing letter, then drag the gnome with that letter to its space in the group. Matching Upper & Lower-Case Letters - drag and drop & drag, drop and disappear. The types of activities include... - dragging an envelope with a lower-case letter to the mailbox with the upper-case letter. - dragging a card with a lower-case letter to an envelope with an upper-case letter. - dragging a lower-case letter to a frame to create a picture. - dragging a stamp with a lower-case letter to the envelope with the upper-case letter.