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About me: <p>Elly is a retired elementary education teacher. She has 30 years of experience teaching prekindergarten through fifth grade and primarily taught kindergarten through second grade. She is certified in primary education, elementary education, and reading education. Elly also has endorsements in ESL and gifted. She recently completed training in curriculum design and development. Elly has a master's degree in reading education and a bachelor's degree in elementary education. While teaching, Elly developed writing rubrics and writing materials for first graders. She developed enrichment activities for first graders using the Florida Sunshine State Standards and materials used in other curriculums. Elly has enjoyed creating Boom Cards for the past three years. Most of the decks in her store are at the primary level. The decks are aligned with the CCSS and focus on phonological awareness, phonics, story grammar, differentiated reading comprehension, and math with accommodation tools. Elly volunteers in a fourth-grade classroom at a local elementary school. She helps the students improve their math skills.</p>

Grades: 13,1,2