Feed the animals/Categories

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Feed these hungry farm animals in this delightful 16-paged Boom Card activity with BONUS activity suggestion page. Four friendly animals are hungry to eat these category based items while practicing language skills that include: labeling/vocabulary skills, pronoun usage, verb formations (auxiliary verbs + present progressive verbs), and question formations. Additionally, this card deck can be used for generalization of sentence level based articulation skills. Students will enjoy feeding these loveable animals as you navigate through the card deck and watch them eat their food! The following categories are represented: vegetables, candies, bathroom, sea/ocean animals, fruits, shapes, dessert/sweet foods/snacks/treats, bugs/insects, Fall, breakfast foods, school supplies, kitchen, transportation/vehicles, garbage/trash/recyclables, drinks, and winter clothing. Included in this deck is an answer sheet to collect information regarding student performance related to the skills targeted along with activity suggestions. Students learn while having FUN! This Boom Card Deck will be an engaging activity for your multi-aged students while working on their communication needs. An endearing way to build communicative competence and having fun at the same time. Terms of Use Paid Products: Made for single user download ONLY! DO NOT share, copy, email, or save to shared drive. Free products: Single user download ONLY! If others are interested please direct them to my store.