Emotions & Expressions Set 1: Happy, Sad, Afraid, Angry, Tired, Silly

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by Communication Joy

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Subjects: speech,adultSpeech,socialAspectsOfCommunication,pragmatics

Grades: 0

Description: This deck is an extension of the deck Emotions Explained Part 1: Happy, Sad, Afraid, Angry, Tired, and Silly. These cards are intended to generate conversation about how emotions are conveyed through facial expressions. The click and drag responses are error-less, as there may be more than one correct way to order the pictures. Facial expressions can be hard to read and sometimes misinterpreted. Encourage your clients/students to explain why they rank the pictures a certain way. Aligns with the following Common Core State Standards: CCRA.SL.1; CCRA.SL.3; CCRA.SL.6; CCRA.L.3.