Patterns Zoo Animals

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by Dreyer's Digital Den

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Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: ZOO ANIMAL PATTERNS Students click the image to complete the different patterns. Includes 15 patterns: 1. alligator, bear AB,AB pattern 2. dolphin, elephant AB, AB pattern 3. toucan, elephant AB,AB pattern 4. eagle, flamingo AB,AB pattern 5. fish, yellow fish AB,AB pattern 6. flamingo, ostrich AB,AB pattern 7. leopard, fox AB,AB pattern 8. frog, iguana, iguana ABB,ABB pattern 9. giraffe, giraffe, gorilla AAB,AAB pattern 10. hippo, turtle, turtle ABB,ABB pattern 11. hippo, hippo, turtle AAB,AAB pattern 12. green parrot, green parrot, red parrot AAB,AAB pattern 13. green parrot, red parrot, red parrot ABB,ABB pattern 14. peacock, penguin, quail ABC pattern 15. zebra, snake, vulture ABC pattern You will find this Pattern game useful if you: ♥ are teaching in person ♥ are teaching online ♥ are teaching in a blended model ♥ are homeschooling your kids Benefits: ♥ no printing, cutting, or laminating ♥ interactive -students are engaged ♥ self-grading-The students get immediate feedback on how they performed ♥ no printing, cutting, or laminating ♥ can be used with an Internet or Mobile (Cell Phone) connected devices- computer, laptop, ipads, tablets, smart phones, interactive whiteboards (use with the whole class). Zoo Theme