Standard Word & Expanded Form | 2nd Grade


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Subjects: math,mathElementary,baseTen,placeValue,fractionsAndNumbers

Grades: 2

Description: 30 Auto-Graded Digital Task Cards* 2nd Grade Math | Standard Word & Expanded Form to 1000 Aligned to CCSS 2.NBT.3 and Illustrated with NUMBEROCK characters. Perfect follow-up to NUMBEROCK's math music videos, but also works wonders as a stand-alone activity. HOW TO Assign to your students knowing that no two student will have the same set of questions as their other classmates. Each student will answer a randomly assigned collection of questions that draws from a larger pool of questions. Your students will record their answers by clicking on the clickable box that they believe contains the correct answer.. They will be provided instant feedback in the form of a "DING!" sound if they are correct and a "Wohp Wohp!" error sound if they are incorrect. COMPONENTS 1. 30 Auto-Graded 2nd Grade Math Digital Task Cards* 20 of the 30 Questions Will Be Randomly Selected in Random Order For Each Student SUGGESTED USES - Interim or Summative Assessment - Task Card Activity - Math Centers - Practice - Solving Word Problems