Spring Phonological Awareness Blending and Segmenting Coloring Game

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by Bluebird Speech

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Subjects: speech,articulation,easter,phonologicalAwareness,firstDayOfSpring,earlyIntervention,reading

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Great for kids with Apraxia of Speech. Drag and drop the mixed up sounds and blend to make a word. Reinforcement coloring activity is built into the activity. This activity is perfect for targeting early developing sounds during Easter and the spring season. The following words (with P,B,T,D,N,M,K,G,H,CH sounds) are included: egg hide chick knock hunt paint empty happy bunny hatch hen kite How do you work on early developing sounds in the spring? Here are a few suggestions for parents and SLPs: 🐦 Encourage children to blow bubbles or blow on pinwheels to work on producing the /p/ and /b/ sounds. 🐦 Play outdoor games like hopscotch or tag, which can help children practice the /t/ and /k/ sounds. 🐦 Read books with repetitive sounds such as Dr. Seuss books to help children practice the /s/ and /z/ sounds. 🐦 Encourage children to imitate animal sounds like "moo" for a cow or "baa" for a sheep, which can help with the /m/ and /b/ sounds. Remember to make it fun and engaging for the children while working on these sounds.