Article A or An

by Kinderjen

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Subjects: ela,elaLanguage

Grades: 1

Description: Welcome to the "Article Adventure: A or An?" Boom Card activity! In this engaging and interactive learning experience, students will embark on a journey to master the usage of the articles "a" and "an" in English grammar. Students will be presented with 16 nouns where they must decide which article (a or an) correctly fits the context. They'll encounter a variety of nouns, from common objects to unique creatures, providing ample opportunities to practice their understanding. If students encounter difficulty, they can utilize the built-in help button, which provides a quick reminder of when to use "a" or "an" before a word. This feature ensures that learners have the necessary support to confidently make the right choice. CCSS L.1.1.h: Use determiners. (articles, demonstratives)