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About me: <p>Jennifer Sanders is a retired elementary teacher who spent 31 remarkable years in the classroom, accumulating a heart full of stories. Her teaching adventures took her from the sunny shores of Guam to the heartland of Oklahoma, nurturing young minds along the way. Throughout her career, she navigated through kindergarten, 1st grade, and 6th grade classrooms, with a special affection for 1st grade.</p> <p>Jennifer embarked on her teaching journey at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she earned her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Beyond the confines of the classroom, she discovered joy in crafting Boom Card activities. However, what truly illuminates her life is the time spent with her loving husband of 40 years, her two wonderful grown children, and their families, which includes 6 beautiful grandchildren.</p> <p>Her dedication to teaching was acknowledged as she became a Teacher of the Year candidate three times and earned the title twice. Beyond the accolades, Jennifer's values shine through. Guided by a strong faith, she has come to embrace and love this new journey of retirement.</p>

Grades: 13,1