Building Blocks for Describing: Spring and Easter Speech Language

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by Nan_eSLP

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Subjects: expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,speech,specialed,communicationSkills,speakingListening,holiday

Grades: 0

Description: Real Spring and Easter-themed photos and colorful, clear visual supports make this describing deck a speech language students favorite as they practice describing using category, function, different parts, made of, location, and more. There's nothing easier than reinforcing expressive language describing skills through this no prep therapy Boom Card deck which can be used with individuals or in small groups. Included: -A review slide of all of the Building Blocks for Describing -25 real photos, Spring Items -10 real photos, Easter Items -Clear visual icon supports for each of the following: category, function, location, different parts, made of, and more (size, shape, color) -"Vanishing" buttons to show which aspects have already been described Easy navigation to previous card or next card The deck is perfect for in-person or teletherapy, individual or groups and includes the same, modern and engaging describing symbols from the Building Blocks for Describing Boom Card series. Boom cards can be used on laptops, tablets and even your phone. I use a separate monitor for my my groups and it works perfectly!