About me: <p>I am a long-time, pediatric Speech Language Pathologist who has worked in schools, private practice, private clinics, and early intervention. Our work is not easy and I believe we all do better when we support each other. My goal is to create functional intervention tools to help you actually TEACH - not just test or do an activity- with scaffolded supports as well as to provide you with additional ideas for application and transfer of skills. It's my hope that you find excellent value and quality in the intervention tools I create and that each deck will help you get through your busy therapy day! I am always open to your feedback. Check out my Boom Cards and other SL Therapy resources on TPT! Also - if you're looking for fun and unique SLP gifts - shop my etsy store:</p> <p>How it all started on Boom Learning: Please consider my series of 6 In-depth intervention decks for each of the Building Blocks for Describing. You'll get real photos and colorful and modern graphic icons! Each deck includes Intervention/Teaching Slides (your lesson is planned for you!), 5 additional, scaffolded tasks to apply and practice the targeted Building Block (Category, Location, Function, Different Parts, Made of and other (size, shape, color). If that isn't enough, at the end of each deck, you'll find several more slides with quick reminders for how you can expand the use of the deck to target additional language skills, suggestions for additional therapy tasks to provide even more opportunities for application of the specific skill. I think you're going to LOVE them!</p>