Secret Code Sight Words Hidden Picture

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by The Suburban Teacher

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Subjects: ela,phonics,sightWords

Grades: 13,1

Description: Your students will love finding the secret sight words to uncover the picture with this deck of Boom Cards. These Boom Cards focus on 25 kindergarten sight words in a way that will keep kids engaged and learning. This adorable Summer themed deck helps students practice important kindergarten skills such as beginning sounds. This is also great review for first graders or introduction to for Pre-K. 25 sight words in this deck: ⇢ the ⇢ and ⇢ you ⇢ was ⇢ for ⇢ are ⇢ his ⇢ one ⇢ had ⇢ but ⇢ not ⇢ all ⇢ can ⇢ use ⇢ she ⇢ how ⇢ out ⇢ her ⇢ him ⇢ has ⇢ two ⇢ see ⇢ way ⇢ who ⇢ its Each sight word discovered is one piece of the picture uncovered. Just type the letter that matches the first sound of each picture. When the secret code is uncovered, the sight word is revealed. Type in the sight word in the box. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Happy teaching! <3 Suburban Teacher