ABRSM Grade 3 - Rhythm and Time Signatures

by 3 Eighth Notes Music Studio

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Subjects: music,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra,musicPiano,musicGuitar

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Description: 99 cards in randomised order, 33 cards per play. This deck covers all types of questions based on ABRSM Grade 3 Music Theory: • Select the correct time signature. • Drag and drop the bar line. • Note value equivalents, eg: a semibreve = "x" semiquavers? • Describing time signatures as either Simple or Compound, and Duple, Triple, or Quadruple. • Identifying notes as correctly grouped. • Identifying whether or not the rests are correct value. • Notes correctly rewritten as either half the value or twice the value. Since there many "drag and drop" items in this deck, it is NOT well-suited for play on small devices, such as an iPhone. It is best suited to be played on an iPad, a desktop or a laptop.