Challenging Choices: Frederick Douglass and the Quest for Freedom Adapted Book (Levels 1-3)

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by Autism Grown Up

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Subjects: ot,sel,speech,specialed,ela,Special Autism,readingSkills

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This Black History Month adapted book resource is an informational text that you can use for any literacy, reading, social studies, history, and/or current events lesson. For special education, ELL/ESL/EFL, and classrooms that could use a more accessible text about Black History Month. Challenging Choices is a series designed for students to learn more about a challenging choice that a leader had to make. This resource gives students an opportunity to learn more about a leader they may have not had the chance to learn about in the past and/or a more interactive way to read and learn. My students also enjoyed having their own books, real photos to explore (no clip art here!), and the opportunity to add this and build onto their own classroom library. Reading about history made accessible: Most of our students have a complicated relationship with reading, which can feel ingrained as they get older. Plus, a lot of texts can feel out of reach as our students reach older grades. This resource gives our students more opportunities to read about history, events, and famous leaders they may have or may not have heard of as well as an interactive component for students as they read. Differentiation options: this resource includes multiple versions for your students to engage in the lesson: 2 leveled readers Ideas for use: warm-up, morning meeting, academic lesson, centers, choice time, reading circle, small group, 1:1, whole class