Summarizing Fiction Stories 2

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by Hands on Learning

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Subjects: ela,reading,litReadingComprehension,keyIdeasAndDetails,integrationOfKnowledgeAndIdeas,literature

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: Practice summarizing a fiction story two ways. These Boom cards are differentiated. There are 5 passages, but 10 different cards (5 open response, 5 drag and drop) Students can choose two different paths: 1. Self-graded drag and drop 2. Teacher graded open response For both paths, students will read a fiction short story. Then they will either type or drag story elements to complete the "Someone, wanted, but, so, then" graphic organizer. The opening slide reviews "someone, wanted, but, so, then" so students know what to look for. Check out my summarizing fiction for a similar resource.