Emotions Explained Set 1: Happy, Sad, Afraid, Angry, Tired, Silly

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by Communication Joy

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Subjects: sel,speech,selfAwareness,socialAwareness,pragmatics,socialAspectsOfCommunication,adultSpeech

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Description: The activities in this deck are intended to improve awareness and understanding of emotions, thus helping one access the language needed to understand and express emotions. The content of the deck includes basic information and return demonstration activities for the understanding the following emotions: happy, sad, afraid, angry, tired, and silly. There are 5 cards for each emotion: The first two cards provide a basic definition, synonyms, antonyms, and a description of facial expressions and gestures. The next three cards provide an opportunity to evaluate and discuss how closely the facial expressions match the emotion. The click and drag responses are error-less, as there may be more than one correct way to order the pictures. Facial expressions can be hard to read and sometimes misinterpreted. Encourage your clients/students to explain why they rank the pictures a certain way Aligns with the following Common Core State Standards: CCRA.SL.1; CCRA.SL.3; CCRA.SL.6; CCRA.L.3.