Eye Gaze Robot

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by MaskiPOPS

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Subjects: games,sel,speech,socialAspectsOfCommunication,pragmatics,specialed,Special Autism

Grades: 0

Description: Look for the asteroids and break them into smaller pieces! Animated gifs of exploding asteroids. This is a structured activity targeted for those with younger developed social skills. It is recommended that this deck be used as a supplement to teaching early social skills of eye gaze, joint attention and/or social referencing. It is a flow magic deck and you will need to use the navigation buttons to maneuver throughout the deck. Recommended to be used as a supplement to social skills learning activities. Highly recommend role play activities in addition to this deck. This is a ready made, no prep digital deck. It includes 30 cards to practice recognizing direction of eye gaze on illustrated pictures. Instructions: Drag and drop the lasers pointing to the asteroid. Includes: - 6 Practice cards with field of 1. -12 Practice cards with a field of 2. -12 Practice cards with a field of 3. - 5 Cards of open free play where the player looks for the target with his/her eyes. These are digital cards to be used through Boom Learning via the computer or electronic tablet. This is a self-checking deck. If you have any questions please e-mail prior to purchase: Maskipops101@gmail.com