Place Value 3 digit numbers

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by Rogan's Readers

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,baseTen,placeValue

Grades: 2,3

Description: This 3 digit place value deck is perfect for your 2nd graders and beginning year 3rd graders. This skills included in this deck are: counting place value rods and cubes and determining the number, finding the value of the digits, building numbers with place value rods and cubes expanded form If you are using this for 2nd grade this is the 2nd set of 4 carnival themed place value decks that will be part of a bundle. In the final set, it is an escape room style with review of place value skills taught: Zombies have taken over the carnival and you must escape. See my store for this fun deck! Features included in this deck: -fill in the blank -drag and drop -multiple choice