Apraxia Gumball Articulation CVC, CVCV, for Circus, Carnival, Candy Shop Themes

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by Bluebird Speech

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation,holiday,seasonSummer,prideMonth,apraxia,Special Autism

Grades: 0

Description: Simply click on a gum ball and practice the word that appears (click again for more images or to uncover the hidden crown!). Kids will love to make the gum balls appear and disappear while practicing simple syllable shapes. This articulation activity targets the following syllable shapes for preschool and up. Consonant-Vowel (CV) Vowel-Consonant (VC) Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel (CVCV) - Level 1 Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel (CVCV) - Level 2 Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) - Level 1 Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) - Level 2 These Boom Cards are an interactive activity great for teletherapy and virtual learning in Speech Therapy. It's great during Summer, Circus, Bowling, Candy Shop, Pride Month, and Carnival themes in speech therapy! You get a total of 6 cards with 9 target words on each card!