Earth Day, Pick it Up! (with sound)

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Subjects: speech,specialed,science,holiday

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This interactive Earth Day, Pick It Up! Deck can be used for a variety of communication objectives for both teachers and speech-language pathologists. As teachers, students can select items that need to be “picked up” in each scene following your themed based instruction of Earth Day. For speech-language pathologists you can use this deck with students to work on the following skills: -Categorization: for each scene students should name the scene location. Ask: “What clues were in the picture that told you that this is the playground, the farm, etc?.” Additionally, the last 4 slides provide opportunities to sort items by their composition such as glass, metal, plastic, paper. -Basic Concepts: Prior to students selecting an item you can ask, Where is the garbage? Students may respond by stating what they are picking up and where it was found. -Talking in complete sentences: When selecting items students can state what they are picking up. . -Language expansion by adding details: Use each picture scene to add details to the sentence level productions. For example: I am picking up the glass bottle and throwing it away in the green recycle bin. -Articulation: Use this Boom Deck to practice targeted speech sounds by using sentence starters or student generated productions for generalization. More: Answering Where? What? Questions, Following Directions Terms of Use Paid Products: Made for single user download ONLY! DO NOT share, copy, email, or save to shared drive