Sample Sight Word Drag 1 Animal

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by Ms.K's reading room

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Subjects: specialed,ela,reading,readingSkills,Special Autism,englishSecondLanguage,lifeSkills

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This is a sample deck. The description below is for the full deck. Word A Student will listen to the audio first and find the matching word when given three visually similar choices. This is a multi-level activity. If the student clicks on the blank, the answer will pop up, so the student can match. Even If the student is just copying the word, it increases their exposure to the correct word, which will eventually lead to sight word recognition. When the student feels comfortable identifying the word, reliance on the clue is expected to decrease gradually. Words introduced in this deck cheater animal pig chicken horse sheep goat duck cow dog fox See my store for other products easier than this deck: Bundle Word I.D. by initial letter 1- 4 Food Bundle Word I.D. by initial letter 5-8 Animal Listed here are other sight word I.D. activities that work on the same words as this deck series, but students are expected to click on the word instead of dragging. The position of the choices changes every time. It is a good activity for students who DO NOT randomly select the words until they get the right choice. Bundle Sight Word I.D. Bundle Listen and Find Sight Words Visually Similar Bundle Listen and Find Sight Words Verb 1-5 Bundle Match and Find Sight words (Basic)