Short I spelling CVC words practice set 2

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by JK Special Education

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: These 30 task cards practice spelling CVC words with a short I sound with 6 different activities. Card 1-5 are an unscramble the word activity where the student has to type the letters in the correct order. Cards 6-10 are click on the words that are spelled correctly. Students select the correct answers from 7 options. Cards 11-15 are true or false, where the student has to tell weather the word is spelled correct or wrong. Cards 16-20 show a picture. The students click on the word that is spelled correctly from 4 options. Cards 21-25 are correct the mistake. The student has to find the mistake and rewrite the word in the correct way. Cards 26-30 are build the word. Students drag up the letters in the correct order to build the word. These words are included: bib, hid, pit, six, bin, dip, fix, win, mix, sit, dim, big, rib, sip and lip NOTE: Set 1, 2 and 3 practice exactly the same words, but in different activities. Each deck can be used individually. It does not matter which one you assign first. Use multiple sets for students who need extra practice! You can even assign all 3 practice decks on different days of your school week and end with the assessment by the end of the week. Check out my store for the other sets and the short I assessment or buy the discount bundle to get it all.