Easter Traditions- Reading Comprehension for Teens

by Teaching ESL 101

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Subjects: ela,reading,englishSecondLanguage,holiday,easter,cultureAndSociety,nativeSounds

Grades: 9,10,11,12

Description: Explore Easter traditions from around the world with this engaging reading comprehension deck designed for teenage ESL students. Each short passage has vocabulary support and is followed by multiple-choice questions, and vivid images to enhance comprehension and cultural understanding. Topics include the Easter holiday, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, the Easter bunny, the Easter parade, and other Easter traditions found in Europe and other parts of the world. Perfect for classroom activities or independent study, this deck encourages students to delve into global traditions while honing their English skills. Accessibility text available Audio reading (native English speaker) is available and self-grading features are perfect for review or homework. Voice media option: Enables students to record their voices (optional), providing the choice to read aloud and listen back, aiding in enhancing reading proficiency through playback and self-assessment.