Mealtime Regular Verbs

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by MaskiPOPS

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Subjects: speech,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,specialed,communicationSkills,ela,elaLanguage

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: Practice your past tense verbs by clicking on the picture to visualize the sequence of events. This is a ready made, no prep digital deck. It includes 45 cards to practice regular past tense on mealtime words (devour, snarf, scarf, feast, taste, nibble, munch, gulp, lick). Navigate throughout the deck using the arrows and menu buttons. Instructions: Click the correct picture word that completes the sentence. Includes: -1 card with Instructions - 10 cards to practice (devour, snarf, feast) - 10 cards to practice (taste, nibble, chew, munch) - 10 cards to practice (gulp, lick) - 10 cards to practice mix of all verbs -40 practice cards with randomizing answers These are digital cards to be used through Boom Learning via the computer or electronic tablet. This is a self-checking deck. If you have any questions please e-mail prior to purchase: Enjoy!