Veteran's or Memorial Day Jigsaw Puzzles Set 2

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by Dreyer's Digital Den

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Subjects: math,socialstudies,specialed,games,holiday,veteransRemembranceDay,memorialDay

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Celebrate Veterans or Memorial Day with these fun, interactive puzzles! Students simply drag each piece to match the puzzle shape. When completed, the puzzles and labels are revealed. Can be used as a reward, for early finishers, or just to have some fun and relieve stress! Veterans or Memorial Day Puzzles Set 2 - 9 jigsaw puzzle pieces in each of the following puzzles (1) Military Boots and DogTags Jigsaw Puzzle (2) Our Hero Jigsaw Puzzle (3) U.S. Flag Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzles are very important in assisting the children to develop emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills. Puzzles help students develop basic skills such as shape recognition and concentration. Overcoming the challenges involved in solving puzzles gives students a sense of pride and self-esteem. You will find this Puzzle game useful if you: ♥ are teaching in person ♥ are teaching online ♥ are teaching in a blended model ♥ are homeschooling your kids Benefits: ♥ no printing, cutting, or laminating ♥ interactive -students are engaged ♥ self-grading-The students get immediate feedback on how they performed ♥ no printing, cutting, or laminating ♥ can be used with an Internet or Mobile (Cell Phone) connected devices- computer, laptop, ipads, tablets, smart phones, interactive whiteboards (use with the whole class).