Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz Show

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by Hands on Learning

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: This resource is perfect to practice synonyms and antonyms using various formats. This quiz show is broken into four different categories. Picture clues- determine the antonym/synonym based on the picture clues Sentence clues- select the synonym or antonym pair in the sentence(s). Synonyms- Select all the synonyms of a given word Antonyms- Select all the antonyms of a given word Wrong answers will lead to a "try again" card. Correct answers will lead to a "correct" card then students can click to go to the scoreboard or game board. The game board includes drag and drop X's to cross out completed questions. The scoreboard allows you to type in the score. (positive or negative) This resource has 16 synonyms and antonyms questions. (4 of each type)