Kindergarten Sight Words Wk 22

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by Deedee Wills

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Grades: 13

Description: Not Your Mother’s Words program. The skills practiced in this file align with the systematic sight word instruction program that was published by Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump. This file does not replace instruction. This set of activities provide a way for students to practice the skills taught to them through the program. Learn more about the Not Your Mother's Sight Words by going to TpT and searching: Not Your Mother's Sight Word Instruction for Kindergarten and First Grade Sounds and Sight Words for Week 22: Review Sounds Drag and Drop: b, g, r, u, m Drag and Drop Digraph: oo Build the Sight Words and Type: to, too, do, into, undo, today Listen to the sentence then drag and drop the words in order: • Jack ran into the barn to get food. • The cows are very hungry today. • Do you want to play too? Assessment: Listen to the sounds and or sight words and type what you hear.