Prepositions of Place

by Teaching ESL 101

Price: 470 points or $4.7 USD

Subjects: ela,englishSecondLanguage,eslVocab,eslPronunciation,nativeSounds,reading,speakingListening

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: This deck allows young learners (ESL, EFL, ESOL students) to identify prepositions of place (on, in, under, above, in front of, behind, up, down, near, and far) while enhancing their reading, listening, spelling, speaking, and vocabulary skills. With engaging draw, click, choice, and drag exercises, these cards offer a fun learning experience that keeps students eagerly absorbed in the educational journey. Audio instructions (native English speaker) and self-grading features are perfect for review or homework. -Media options (Voice & Ink): allows voice (gives students the option to record their voices if they would like to) and ink allows drawing (students can draw or color)