Alphabetical Order for the Kentucky Derby

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by Reading Specialty

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Subjects: reading,informationalText,infoReadingComprehension,socialstudies

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: These Boomâ„¢ Cards ask students to alphabetize Kentucky Derby themed words by dragging and dropping the words in the correct order. Capitalize on interest in the Kentucky Derby while practicing the skill of putting words in order and developing vocabulary. Words used in this Boomâ„¢ deck: bit, bridle, blinkers, Belmont Stakes, canter, champion, Churchill Downs, colt, contender, dead heat, equestrian, foal, filly, gait, gallop, grandstand, groom, hoof, jockey, Kentucky Derby, mare, photo finish, Preakness, purebred, quarter horse, reins, Run for the Roses, saddle, stirrup, tack, thoroughbred, trainer, Triple Crown, trot, veterinarian,Winner's Circle, spectator, Louisville, Kentucky, prize money, mint juleps, Burgoo stew, derby pie, derby sundae, race track, owner, wager