Bass Clef Note Names, Set 6 - EXTENDED LINES and SPACES

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by Frau Musik USA

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Subjects: art

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: Learning bass clef note names on the staff is an important precursor to learning to play an instrument and Music Boom Cards make learning fun. Students drag and drop the ball with the correct note name into the goal. When they get the answer correct, they score. When they get a wrong answer the ball pops back out. Then, students "rethink" and correct their answers. Shoot, Score, Goal! Scaffolded sets help beginning musicians be successful as they focus on smaller pitch sets. Students build skills as they progress through the sequence. This set includes 20 cards with the EXTENDED LINE and SPACE NOTES of the bass clef staff. The fun soccer theme engages even reluctant learners. How to Use Our Boom Cards - Whole-class activities (pair with sign language) - Centers or stations - 1:1 Activities - Homeschool and/or Private Studio - Practice - Assessment Learning Objectives - I can identify the extended line and space notes of the bass clef. NAfME National Music Standard - MU:Cr2.1 – Students can use standard notation to document short rhythmic musical phrases. (Simplified) Enjoy!