Characters, Settings, Story Order Valentine's Day (Audio)

by Elly Smith Hellier/Living and Loving Primary

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Subjects: ela,reading,litReadingComprehension,keyIdeasAndDetails,whQuestions,holiday,valentinesDay

Grades: 1

Description: Will you be teaching story grammar? Your students can use this deck to celebrate Valentine's Day while identifying characters, settings, and the order of a story. They will view a menu and will choose a part of the story to read or listen to. There are three parts that can be read in any order. Part 1 - Your students will read about children shopping for their Valentine's Day celebration. Part 2 - They will read about the children's activities and celebration during the school day. Part 3 - The last part of the deck is about friends from the class celebrating at a classmate's home. Your students will identify either the characters or setting in the story on every other card. They will respond to a question about the order of the story on the other cards. RL.1.3 Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.