FREE Melodic Ear Training Sampler - So Mi (Key of F)

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by Frau Musik USA

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Subjects: art

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Ear Training is a crucial part of developing music literacy skills and Music Boom Cards make learning to read music fun. This set is designed in the Key of F with stemless notes to focus student attention. Students listen, then, choose the melody they hear. They may listen as many times as needed. When students make a mistake, they should listen again as they trace the contour of the melody and correct their answer. A "key" is provided in the corner of every card. This free sampler includes 8 cards with different So Mi melodic patterns set in the Key of F. How to Use Our Boom Cards - Whole-class activities - Centers or stations - 1:1 Activities - Homeschool and/or Private Studio - Practice - Assessment Learning Objectives - I can identify So Mi on the music staff. (Key of F) NAfME National Music Standard - MU:Cr2.1 – Students can use standard notation to document short rhythmic musical phrases. (Simplified) Enjoy!