Listen and count the money US dollars and cents

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by TamiaDesigns

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Subjects: math,counting,money,englishSecondLanguage,speakingListening,nativeEnglish,nativelanguage

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: Students practice their listening skills in this activity while working on identifying US coins and bills. They click on the cash register to hear how much money they "owe", and then put the appropriate amount of money on the counter next to the register and click submit to check their answer. Good for English language learners who need extra practice listening and recognizing numbers, or any students who need practice working on counting money to reach a specific total. The dollar amounts range from $0.60 to $14.99. This is a LISTENING activity, not suitable for deaf students. Each card is set up so there's only one combination of bills and coins that will make the correct total. With 20 cards in this deck, it is set up to present 10 cards each time the deck is played. For certain students, you may find it helpful to go into your library and either increase or decrease the default number of cards presented. In your library, click on the "Action" button next to the deck and choose "Custom Play Settings." I have other counting decks in my store: using cents to count by ones up to 10 cents, and using dimes to count by tens up to $1; counting by 5s using nickels; counting by 25s using quarters; and counting up to $1 using an assortment of coins. Check out the bundle "Listen and count" in my store for savings! Alt-text included for all the coins and bills. 2.MD.C.8